CA Lemon Lawyers & OT Attorneys

Although California is a huge state, when you need a lemon attorney, CA becomes very small. You want to hire the best attorney you can who knows the California Lemon Laws. How do you find out who is the best? Look at their track record. Look up who has one cases with your particular vehicle or who settles out of court. These are all indicators of the type of attorney you may want to hire if you have a lemon car.

What is a Lemon Vehicle?

A lemon is simply a vehicle that has been in repeatedly for repairs without being fixed. If the manufacturer or dealer has not corrected the issue after a reasonable number of attempts, you may have a lemon on your hands. Let’s face it, no business wants to shell out big bucks for their mistakes but it is not only the right thing to do, it is the law under Califoria’s Lemon Laws.

Getting an expert legal opinion is crucial to better understand if you have a case. The laws in California are very complex and you need to talk to someone with the experience needed to give you advice.

When is MY Vehicle Considered a Lemon?

That is the tough part to figure out. A qualified lemon law lawyer will want to see all of the facts in the case, including all of the service records, maintenance performed and repair attempts. Only after that has been provided can a legal team better assess each unique situation. Since most lemon law attorneys choose to only get paid if they win, they want to be pretty sure you have a case before proceeding.

How Long Does it Take?

That is a hard question to answer. In most cases, you can expect to wait at least a year for the process to be complete. Providing all of the paperwork and documentation in a timely manner is critical. Taking notes along the way, with whom you spoke to and what was said is also good. However, court systems can be complex and the process takes time. In some cases, it can drag on for years.